I’m a perfectionist, I don’t rest until a job is done, I’m crazy when I have a vision, I’m constantly setting very high expectations for myself, I pretty much don’t sleep (ever) and I almost always forget to breathe because my brain is too busy creating new ideas and thinking of potential projects. All this will drive any person kind of crazy. But not me, and I used to be unsure as to why I’m the way I am. Then I realized: however and whoever you turn out to be, you should be proud of it. I’m not only proud of who I am (faults and everything) but I’m proud to be my mother’s daughter, she’s the woman who made me all those things. The good things and the bad things are all from her and I’m beyond proud of every little thing she’s passed on to me.

This past week I flew to Dubai after over 5 years apart from my mom. She’s my inspiration in everything that I do. So this trip meant the world to me. I’m going to start it with recapping one of a dreamy mermaid beach moment spent in the city of luxury. I went to school in Dubai, yes, but now as an adult I appreciate it even more now. The architecture will blow your mind, and the diversity makes you feel like you’re dipping into every culture (not just the Emirati culture) all while in one single city.

Anyway, check out these images I took while extremely jet lagged, with no makeup on and in major vacation mode!

Bikini:  Indah

Necklace : Le Salty Label

Skirt: Lace and Whiskey

Source: http://www.nailainvogue.com/

Hamilton Island