Jeimmy Garzon has had an extremely exciting start to her journey as a model, actress and presenter. She began to travel the world doing what she loves. Posing for the best photographers, sharing sets with recognized directors and being admired for her great charisma and intelligence. Working tirelessly, Jeimmy earned a place in the world of entertainment locally and internationally. Never being satisfied with her achievements is one of her many attributes. It’s simply never enough and for that reason Jeimmy is always willing to reinvent herself and thus began to forge a path in the business world. Which resulted in a successful but short lived career on the catwalks and cameras of this world and the start of an epic journey into the world of business as an extremely enthusiastic businesswoman. Which led to the birth of “Oliberica” her own brand, footprint and product. Well positioned in the import, export and commercialization of gastronomic products.

Q&A With Jeimmy

  • What are your goals as a model? My future expectations are to obtain more campaigns as well as branch out and acquire more recognition throughout Europe. 
  • Who are some of your favorite models and designers, and why? My favorite models are Sara Sampaio, Tailor Hill, Alessandra Ambrosio, Cara Delevingne, and Gigi Hadid, because they are not just models for Victoria’s Secret, but they also represent the most famous and well respected fashion brands in the world. They have other characteristics that I admire, some of them are moms, entrepreneurs, and actresses. Designers I love are Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab, Tom Ford, Estela McCartney . With Estela, I love the cuts, Elie Saab and Estela conform to any age range, while Alexander McQueen is more trendy and casual which stands out from any other designers.
  • How did you stay fit? I consider myself lucky with my body due to the fact that I don’t need to diet to maintain my figure but I try to eat healthy and exercise, also I drink a lot of water.
  • What is fun and rewarding about modeling? There are many things that I love about my career. I always have fun in all my photo shoots, it is very enjoyable. I think it is amazing to work while traveling to many countries, learning different cultures and people while doing what I love.
  • And what do you dislike?I really dislike fake people. 


PH : Cristian Gómez
Agency: Agencia LMC Models