– a company that is dedicated to creating unbiased reviews on services and products recently investigated which Fitbit should be deemed ‘the best.’ ( What they found is the best Fitbits will accurately track your vital signs and movements while being comfortable and stylish. They brought in every Fitbit and their most popular accessories and tested them over two weeks to find out which ones combine accuracy and comfort for a fitness tracker you’ll love. Their top three picks beat out the competition for accuracy and all have a different look.

Best Overall Fitbit
Fitbit Charge 2
The Charge 2’s black sporty band frames a narrow screen that displays your vital signs. It ties with the Ionic for accuracy, soaring above the “good enough” attitude of most fitness trackers. They liked that the Charge 2 is full of features an intuitive to use. For a simple fitness tracker for walking around the neighborhood or sweating it up in spin class, the Charge 2 is their favorite Fitbit.

Best Incognito Fitbit
Fitbit Flex 2
A fitness tracker that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker. Accurate and tiny, the Flex 2 has no heart rate tracker and small notification lights in place of a screen. But it has most of the features of the Charge 2, you just need to use the app to see your data.

Best Smartwatch Fitbit
Fitbit Ionic
The Ionic has a beautiful full-color screen, and looks more watch than fitness tracker. It builds on the Charge 2’s features with built-in guided workout programs.