As the New Year kicks off and the madness of the holiday season is over, many people have started their list of new year resolutions. Relationship/Psychological Expert, Dr. Keisha Downey who is most remembered from the VH1 hit series Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn Mann would like to help her fans and followers achieve their mental health goals for the new year. Below are 5 New Year’s Resolution Tips for Better Mental Healththat Dr. Downey suggests you add to your list of New Year’s Resolutions.

5 New Year’s Resolution Tips for Better Mental Health 

1. Get More Sleep

Without a healthy sleep regimen, a person can develop physiological issues, anxiety, worrisome thoughts, just to name a few, which can negatively impact a person’s professional and personal life. Therefore, getting more sleep helps to improve a person’s overall functioning, both physically and mentally. A few things that can help is having a regular sleep schedule, trying to unwind at least an hour before bedtime, and making your bedroom a comfortable space to get good sleep.

2. Put Down Your Cell Phone

Putting down your cell phone can have many advantages. It allows time to focus on yourself and loved ones. It also helps a person be more “present” in the moment and mindful of your surroundings and/or environment. 

3. Learn How to Meditate

Learning how to meditate helps to improve your mood and reduce the risk of mental health illness because it provides a positive space to let go of emotional suffering, worrying, intrusive thoughts, and stress. Meditation helps to put a person in a better position to break free of unhealthy habits and/thoughts that can cause distress and prevent positive action.  

4. Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is a healthy outlet used to release stress from our daily routines. It also helps to prevent internalizing negativity that may stem from others. 

5. Be Nicer to Yourself

Being nicer to yourself helps to create positivity in every aspect of your life. When a person is nice to themselves, it helps to develop positive self-worth and positive views of self…you learn to love yourself more which, in turn, helps to build and maintain happiness within. 


Dr. Keisha Downey has years of experience helping people cope with severe life challenges that stem from depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, sports psychology, trauma, family issues, and crisis intervention. She’s a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, an ambassador for The Office on Women’s Health-US Department of Health and Human Services, and an expert panelist for mental health discussions in Los Angeles and Chicago. She has appeared on a variety of radio shows across the nation and has been featured through numerous media outlets. For more information about Dr. Downey, visit