Fine Dining In Croatia 

By: Denis Vukotić

In the city of Rovinj, a small coastal city in the Istrian peninsula of Croatia and one of the most popular touristic destinations in the country, lies “Restoran Blu Locanda”. This fine dining establishment has taken a slight change by replacing restaurant management and updating their software, so to speak. Two young, ambitous entrepreneurs, Roko Nikolic and Lorenzo Bercan, fellow students at RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik have taken full advantage of this opportunity to incorporate some innovative ideas upon their arrival as new restaurant managers.

During the summer of 2018, this restaurant’s rating on TripAdvisor has risen by 11 places, they’ve transformed the service scape, incorporated cocktails and a beach lounge bar, and have added a guest experience agent to their team in order to emphasize customer satisfaction and enhance quality management.

Upon arriving, one will notice the warm, Mediterranean architecture, along with a Zen like energy in the air, a harmonizing combination of nature and nurture. Guests have a variety of foods and beverages to choose from, ranging from cocktails, burgers and sandwiches, to amazing wine and fresh seafood from the Adriatic Sea.

This new team has brought in extra chefs in order to bring a blend of high quality culinary art mixed with sincere, interactive #hospitality into manifestation. One of Blu Locanda’s core values is environmental consciousness, which is why they purchase local, grass fed meat, fresh fish right off the coast, and fruits & vegetables from local farmer markets. This, accompanied by the expertise of their entire kitchen staff and genuine customer service makes for a transformational dining experience.

You have the opportunity to interact with this restaurant before, during, and after you eat there through various digital/social media platforms. So, check them out on Facebook, Instagram @blurovinj, Trip Advisor, and make a reservation.

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