You have been saving for a vacation for quite a while and now you are ready to hit the road right? Well, you need a destination.

The hardest part of travelling is not starting the journey but choosing the right destination. After many months of planning and perhaps postponing a few times, you don’t want anything to go wrong. And when you look back and see what will be waiting for you, you need to ensure you have the best time.

This is why you destination matters a lot. Where do you want your journey to end?

So what should you look for when choosing a destination?

There are a few things to put in mind in this regard. All depends on the nature of your visit and what you are expecting to get out. The most basic considerations include:

  • Activities. What are the major events in your destination? Have you researched and found out when they happen? Are the events interesting? Every region has activities they pride in. From bull fighting in Mexico to serene cherry blossoming of Japan, you need to understand what you are in for.
  • Beautiful natural phenomenon. Many people who travel to Africa for instance are after the great wildlife in the region. Such thing should be at the back of your mind when choosing your destination. From the lakes to ice cold dunes, to firing desserts, all must be included in your package.
  • Would like to go and be part of the Obon festivals in San Francisco? Or perhaps some Japanese tea ceremony in Tokyo. What is the best time for such festivities? Find out when they happen and arrange you schedule appropriately. You can have a list of as many destinations as possible.
  • Your reason for travelling. Everyone travels for their own reasons. Whether it is to enjoy natural habitats or just to chill in the pools of Dubai, you must have a clue before coming up with a plan. It is important to plan yourself well if you want to see the end of it.
  • Seasons. Are you thinking of travelling across the world? What time of the year should you visit where? This is an important factor to put in mind in order to prepare well for attire. Perhaps want to spend your summer at the sandy beaches of Hawaii, but do you know the best times to be here?
  • Your budget. How much do you want to spend on your trip? How much will it cost in ticket and accommodation? Come up with a budget that will sustain you through the journey until you return.

Having said that, here are the top places to visit based off month.


Photo by Junior Henry via Miami New Times

It is not actually a bad idea starting your year with celebrations. In that case, plan to join the authentic Ati-Atihan festival in the Philippines. The festivals are held in honor of the infant Jesus (Santo Niño).

If you want something more challenging, try diving into the freezing waters of the Scheveningen beaches in Turkey. Or just get a relaxing time at the Bayfront Park on New Year’s Eve in Miami.

Other great places for January include Iceland, Rome, Finland, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.


Photo: Watercooler Blog

If you have never been to Taiwan, this is the time to. Experience the Beehive Festival in the Yanshui District or join in on the peaceful Pingxi Sky.

Other options include Hongkong, Laos, Norway, New York and Paris. These are the areas with the best festivals for February.


Photo: Maisondupuy 

Do you lover parties? Then this is the perfect time to visit Rio de Janeiro and Mandi Gras in New Orleans. These places will help you stay happy, silly and get into the atmosphere.

Other places include Tenerife, Basel, Irelands, Chicago, Finland, Northern India and Costa Rica. This is also the time when Cherry blossoms start in Japan.


People enjoy the spring season by partaking in nighttime hanami festivals. The annual festivals coincide with the seasonal blooming of the cherry blossoms. Photo: 

April should find you in Japan for the crowning of the Cherry blossoms. Then jump over to Bangkok to celebrate the Thai New year. Other places to go include West Ukraine, Netherlands, London Scotland, California, Nepal, Tokyo and Honduras.


Napali Coast , Hawaii Photo: Kathy VanDeventer

Do you love hiking? Then you definitely need to be in Hawaii in March. You can climb Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world. Get to Mount Everest in Tibet and join in the famous Saga Dawa Festival.

And if that is not your taste, consider checking out the Niagara Falls in North America. You may also want to check out France.


Seljalandsfoss, Iceland Photo: Tutorsuhu

The temperatures are warming up now. It is the best time to explore places like Faroe Islands of Denmark or Waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss in Iceland.  Also June is the best month to travel to Sweden, Copenhagen , Norway, Spain and Svalbard.


The weather is too hot and the sea resorts are probably crowded already. But Mongolia is never crowded. Far from that are the Greenland ice fields which a perfect to visit in July.  Get to Bolivia for exciting moments or hiking in Alaska.


Join the best nights in Vancouver with parties and celebrations everywhere. Or get to Edinburg for fireworks. You can also get to Romania or Madagascar for great natural features. The great Komodo dragons in Indonesia are worth your time as well. Get to Valencia and be part of the vivid Tomatina.


The great weather during early fall should find you in the Mediterranean. From there, you can visit Mallorca, Sicily and Corsica for Unique festivals across Europe. Or witness millions of animals struggling to cross dangerous waters in Kenya and Tanzania. China witnesses the greatest tidal wave in the world.


Oktoverfest and Halloween parades are great in Germany and Carlifornia. While in South Korea is the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival of lanterns. Australia and Victoria should be on your list as well.

November- December

The weather is getting gloomy, which is a signal to head south. Get to Mexico for fantastic dances. Or to Kyoto, Thailand and Bhutan where there are numerous festivals.

December is the best time for holidays in Europe. Visit Iceland, Bavaria, Budapest and Guatemala as well. Cancun comes with Christmas piñata dolls during the Las Posadas. This is the best time to visit Tierra de Fuego in Argentina as well.

With this list, you have something to see every month. This means you can have fun all year round without any trouble