Cruzan Rum is a delicious tasting rum. Top mixologists have created amazing rum cocktails using Cruzan Rum. In addition to rum, each drink recipe includes fantastic, seasonal flavors. A few include – molasses-rich black strap rum, cider, honey and nutmeg.

Here are two cocktail recipes with Cruzan rum you and try out and serve at your next party. These were created by Tiffanie Barriere in Atlanta, Georgia.
Cruzan® Black Strap Belle (photo above)
– 2 parts Cruzan® Black Strap Rum
– 2 parts Coconut Water
– 1 teaspoon Honey Syrup*
– Squeeze of Half Fresh Lime
– 6 dashes of Angostura® Bitters
– Nutmeg
Method: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice and shake well. Pour into a rocks or tiki glass over fresh crushed ice. Garnish with nutmeg.
*Honey Syrup: Combine equal parts honey and warm water. Shake/Stir to dissolve.

Cruzan® Dark as Night
– 1 part Cruzan® Black Strap Rum
– 1/4 part Falernum Syrup
– 1/2 part Fresh Lime Juice
– 6 parts Cider
Method: Combine Black Strap, falernum syrup and fresh lime juice in a mixing glass. Pour cider into a rocks glass and slowly float mixture over top of the cider. Finish with fresh grated nutmeg and a lime or orange peel.

Sharing recipes for great tasting cocktails is a wonderful way to experiment and try new libations. Whether it’s a quiet drink after dinner or serving drinks for a large social event, be sure to offer the best. In addition, try a cocktail during your Thanksgiving dinner.

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Photo: Cruzan® Black Strap Belle
Recipes: Atlanta mixologist Tiffanie Barriere @thedrinkingcoach