Simonetta Lein is the definition of a woman doing it all. The Italian born girl boss lives in Philadelphia and is an author, blogger, radio host, fashion icon, top influencer and in demand brand ambassador.

If that wasn’t enough, in 2015 she started The Wish Well Foundation – a charitable organization where people reveal their deepest wish, post it on the website and Simonetta and her team work to make those wishes come true.

Simonetta’s motto is give dreams a chance. Here she opens up about how her career got started, what keeps her going and her style tips.

How did you get started as a writer, influencer and blogger?

I started to write my first novel while traveling through India. At the beginning, it was a personal diary. One of my first acting coaches once told me: if you want that people will relate to the story start from your own, people are seeking the truth. So I did, and when I gave it to an editor out of curiosity she found it fascinating and hook me up with one of the biggest publishing house in Italy. At that point I realized what it means to be writer, my book started to take its own form along with the characters and the story became a novel.

From that project I was asked to write for Vanity Fair, to host one of the biggest radio show in Italy and a web manager noticed me and told me I should have used my social media in a different way.

At that time I was using them only to stay in contact with my friends and family. I quickly understood the power of social media and between my writing career, my fashion and art expertise and my passion to empower people, I rapidly found my own message and started to reach what is now at almost 2,000,000 people along my various platforms. I have been told that in May of this year alone my name was mentioned in the web around 6 million times, that is the power of social media.


Photoshooting with Giovanni Gastel, backstage and more. A unique behind the scenes

What do you think is it about you that has seen you named a top influencer?

I always stood up for coherence, putting the idea of empowering others before myself. I built a true and strong bond with my followers based on my deep sense of life. When people see me as a role model it gives me tremendous joy and a sense of true responsibility. My mission is to try my very best to impact this world, one post at a time, one wish at a time. I think the new communication is based on a message and I believe I was able to do that. That comes with an inner revolution, as I often state social media is an extension of your soul. If you can see it that way and be brave enough, people will follow.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I am a made in Italy girl, fashion and style are in my blood, in my eyes, in my way of thinking. I was raised among beauty. Italy is so beautiful and historic that influenced my style deeply. My travels and my love for cities made the rest. I am passionate about particular patterns, unique pieces that will make you stand out yet always in a classy and sophisticated way. I love to change a lot from a metropolitan style with denim boots and a leather jacket, to long and colorful dresses, romantic long skirts and pretty accessories. What they always told me here in America is that I would dress up even to go to get groceries. I can’t help it, I am Italian.

The Celebrity Wishmaker Simonetta Lein – Top Model At New York Fashion Week. The catwalk styled by Odair Pereira, A wish come true.

What is your best piece of fashion advice?

Think of what you would pleasantly remember about someone else’s look and put it in your outfit. Fashion is a way to wrap your soul, don’t you want your soul to be remembered?

In addition to being an influencer, you’re an entrepreneur and philanthropist – how do you find time for it all?

I have learned to be very specific and to give myself limits. I am definitely not scared of working though my day passes from my social media, to responding to several emails, phone calls, the website maintenance, the foundation in so many aspects from reviewing stories to creating activities to put together fundraising strategies, to talk with clients and see their needs, to write articles and the list goes on and on.

I have to learn to do one thing at a time and finish my schedule. If you want to have a successful career you have to have a method, there is nothing that happens without a strategy and hard work and sometimes you have to learn how to handle all the details and to be able stop as well.

What do you do to unwind?
I discovered the true pleasure of family. I am an Aquarius and started to live on my own as soon as I was 18,  I traveled the world and lived in many cities. I got married and that is one of my biggest joys, when I understood the pleasure of having a family and being able to share those meaningful moments I felt at peace. I enjoy spending time with my husband, walking in nature, doing the shopping together, having fun with my dog, going to visit my in-laws down the shore and spoiling my little niece and waiting for my family to come to visit me in America to discover places I’ve never seen with them and making memories.

Life is all about creating good and meaningful memories and enjoying the little things. Do it with style. Check out the September issue of JMG Lifestyle Magazine where Simonetta shares 5 Fashion Tips exclusively for our readers!

By: Debby Harrington @debbywithawhy_