Featured Model Gigi Gustin

” Gigi gustin local to New Jersey was recently announced the American Grit season 2 Champion, and winner of $250,000 as of 8/6/17. The show aired on Fox and was hosted by WWE star John Cena. Gigi along with 16 other contestants signed up for the show because they had all lost their “Grit”. In Gigi’s journey she rekindled a lot of her lost passion. One major passion in Gigi’s life is modeling. In the past few years, she has been climbing the stairs to success in the Industry. From International Photoshoots, to walking the New York runway, to LA, she has been able to do it all. Gigi stops at nothing and continuously and fearlessly pursues her dreams. ”

Photo credits:

Steven Bagley

Gregory Maxx

Felipe Lee