By JMG Lifestyle

58 pages, published 5/14/2019

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This month we are “California Dreaming” with Raven Durán and Hannah Widmer, two powerful individuals who have mastered the art of being women with purpose. We take a unique perspective into the lives and friendship of the equestrian turned model and the model turned entrepreneur. Raven and Hannah talk life, love and how to stay focused in 2019.

Also, 2019 Fashion Trends “Florals and Patterns”, Globetrotting Machu Picchu Seven Wonders of The World, Coachella 2019 Celebrity Party Sightings, Health Hacks- Most effective everyday activities to minimize stress. Tired of crowded gyms? Beginners guide to plyometrics; workouts without access to equipment, “Loner Brand” Street Graffiti Art Review and Much More!