Keyana Franklin

JMG Lifestyle interview by Desirée Chance

Keyana Franklin is a self-proclaimed “Big Kid at Heart”, and I suppose one would have to be in order to be the CEO and designer of colorful kids fashion line, Candy Lane Kidz and creator of the interactive event for children, KidzCon. As an alum of FIDM, Los Angeles’ most reputable school for fashion design, she has also made her mark as a celebrity stylist, dressing everyone from rapper Future to NBA ballers, their families, and most notably, the Kardashian kids.

Her work has been featured around the world in publications like The Guardian UK to Flaunt Magazine, Le Petite Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and Frequency News, but it’s the buzz of her most recent endeavor that’s garnering her attention from the likes of Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, Jessica Alba and other A-List celebrity mamas. KidzCon is a mecca for experiential fun, learning and edible treats to be enjoyed by kids and parents alike, but you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve got Keyana here with us today to give us the inside scoop.

Desirée: Hi Keyana! We’re so excited to chat with you. I’m especially looking forward to hearing about this event because I’ve just recently become a first time mom myself and this whole new world has just opened up to me. Before we talk about the KidzCon event, let’s just get a little backstory on you. I know you have a background in fashion design and styling for television, music videos and celebrity press, but what inspired you to get involved with children’s clothing?

Keyana: Hi!!!! Thank you so excited to chat with you guys! I became inspired to get involved with children’s fashion once I became a mother. I found it difficult to find children’s clothing in stores near me that I wanted to dress my son in. So I expanded my horizon and began researching and discovering many amazing brands for kids around the world, which is how Candy Lane Kidz all began.

Desirée: As I could imagine, working with kids is a much different atmosphere than what you were used to before delving into kids fashion. How does your approach in both the design aspect as well as the creative direction on set differ? Do you feel like it’s easier or more fun to work with a younger generation?

Keyana: It is definitely much more exciting for me to work with a younger generation. I’m able to truly be myself and I’ve noticed it’s much easier to bring my magical visions to life when working with kids.

Desirée: Candy Lane Kidz is known for its high-end, unique style and colorful collections for both boys and girls. What’s the message that you hope to convey to these kids through your designs?

Keyana: I hope the Candy Lane Kidz’ collections inspire kids to hold onto their childlike wonder and imagination, as well as help them be comfortable staying true to themselves.

Desirée: With such a fun, vibrant brand, it’s no surprise the KidzCon event will be just as lively. What can we expect to find there?

Keyana: Oh my, so many fun interactive things! There will be many cool kids brands to shop, an arcade room, lazer tag, arts and crafts and some fun surprises you’ll have to wait and see for yourself! It will be the perfect fun end of summer event where you can get some back to school shopping done while enjoying your time with friends and family!

Desirée: You’ve made it a point that creating experiences for children, especially those with disabilities, is your passion. How does KidzCon include the whole family, including those with disabilities?

Keyana: Kidz Con is a place for every kid to enjoy! The goal of Kidz Con is to truly be an inclusive event, and to empower every single individual no matter who they are.

Desirée: Sounds like it’s made to be fun for the entire family to enjoy! How did you go about curating the interactive experiences?

Keyana: We have made sure to keep the whole family in mind, and plan activities that everyone would enjoy doing, making sure to cater to every age. We wanted to create an experience where shopping could be fun for the whole family. Everyone will be entertained in way one or another!

Desirée: There are so many great events around Los Angeles for adults but not as many for parents who can also enjoy in the activities with their little ones. I’m really excited for this two-day experience. Where can we find more information on how to attend?

Keyana: Exactly! We wanted to make an event for kids and parents to enjoy together. We encourage all kids to come dressed as crazy as they want! To feel free to be completely themselves. You can find more information at or on instagram @kidzcon.