I just got back home from the Caribbean and the first thing I did was get to my place and start organizing. I tend to be messy sometimes , I have a drawer full of lacy strappy lingerie and they are all tied up like a box of jewelry that’s been shaken around for a week. I usually don’t always go for comfort first, I’m not going to lie I tend to pick what’s hot and sexy and let whatever body part suffer the discomfort (it’s usually the shoes I pick that kill). Recently I’ve been traveling alot and spending my days running from meeting to meeting, so comfort is becoming somewhat of a priority now. If I take off my regular everyday outfit (which usually consists of a white tee and a pair of ripped jeans) you’ll no longer find me in a barely-there ensemble. You’ll now find me wearing comfortable cotton undies and an unlined soft bra.

Since we just spoke about comfort , I have to share with you an inspiring conversation I had with my friend Nick Onken, who happened to shoot the above images with me. Him and I were discussing nudity, the tasteful kind, and I asked him his opinion about it. He asked me the same question  back as if to make me think for myself without being affected by what answer he was going to say. Which made me think: What DO I think about nudity?

Do you ever experience moments when you ask yourself something and you realize you haven’t really given that matter much thought so you need to actually think for a moment about what you truly feel about an issue? This was a similar moment to that. I have to remind you though, after you ask yourself a question, always remember to think for your own self and let the answer be yours….not one that is affected by what you know society would say. Thoughts ran through my mind about how being judged for baring your skin or exposing your curves, flaws and imperfections somehow became a point for attack in almost every community. If you can LOVE your body from the inside out and if you can embrace every inch of your skin, then you have accomplished something huge .. and that is confidence. Not only is confidence a power of soul that can move mountains, but it’s a perfectly beautiful paved path to an even more amazing thing called happiness.

So my answer is, if you can tastefully share with the world the deep love you have for what god gave you , you can empower people out there to be secure, content , and most importantly happy. Nick and I both agreed that our opinions on this matter were quite similar and I have to urge you to feel the same. Don’t be afraid to love yourself. You are a gem and you’re body is yours to take care of and delegate.


Huge thanks to Sloane and Tate for the perfect set.

Denim: DSTLD

Photography by : Nick Onken

Location : St. Maarten Island