Q&A with Luxury Real Estate Expert Olga Zhytkovae By: Chanelle Renee Photography By: Kevin Martin

Where are some of your absolute favorite places to visit? Why?

I love to travel and visiting new places. When you travel you learn and I like learning new things. There are so many places that I’ve already visited and would go back to again and again. But Los Angeles is one of my favorite places and I am blessed living in this beautiful city.

What do you love about Los Angeles? 

I love every aspect of Los Angeles. The sky is the limit here. The beauty of this city is its diversity. It has so many opportunities. All dreams can be attained in LA—it’s become the most desirable real estate in the world. Los Angeles has 360 days a year of sun, this draws people from all over the globe and creates an interesting melting pot and a great economy.

What motivated you to start a career in real estate? How did you get started?

I would say my desire to be my own boss. I always liked to be independent—have my own schedule and a salary that matches my effort and not somebody telling me how much I am worth. And of course my passion for interior design and architecture made me choose the job I love. I’ve started my career in real estate 8 years ago and I feel really lucky that I found myself in the industry I’m passionate about.

What skills are required to attain a position like yours?

Passion, excellence and hard work are the main skills that are required.

Is there a client experience you are most proud of? 

Yes, of course there are many experiences I’m proud of. I had the honor to represent different clients in their real estate transactions along my career including big corporations and celebrities. And the fact of turning their real estate dreams into reality made me feel very proud.

Who is your role model, and why?

My role model is my Mom. She’s hard working, strong, funny and the kindest person I know. She believes in me very much, actually my both parents do, and that motivates me a lot. I just can’t disappoint them.

You’ve lived and worked in Greece in real estate, then moved to New York, and now in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Where else would you like to expand your business?

I already work internationally. Besides LA I work with investors worldwide including New York, Las Vegas and Europe.  I have strong connections around the globe. And in real estate, who you know matters.

What advice would you give someone who is interested working in real estate?

Real Estate is a great business. I would say go for it, but you’ll need to be organized and ambitious enough to actually work at your business everyday. It is not an easy job like it looks. But I would say one thing—most of the billionaires on the planet made it through real estate. Think about it.

Are there any negatives to your job?

My job, just like every other job, has both positive and negative sides. There will always be people wasting your time. There will be failures along your career. And that is a part of my job. But I’ve learned to stay positive and see only positive sides and go towards my goals. And I believe that nothing worth having comes easy.

Is this field growing enough for other people to join in?

This field is very competitive, especially here in LA. I receive many letters from young people that want to start in real estate, asking me if it’s worth it and I always tell them yes, it is worth it. Your success is in your hands.

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