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Exploring the striking beauty of nature on foot is way better than visiting the mountain tops on your car. The scenic paths and views you encounter on our journey to your destination get stuck to the memory like nothing else. America has always been admired for its beautiful forests, immense cliffs, and mesmerizing hiking spots which are the majority of our top picks. And, it is not easy to narrow down a perfect place to hike, considering that there are so many beautiful destinations with lots of places worth visiting. So, for your help, we have compiled some of the most visited, loved, and beautiful hiking trails for 2020.

Pacific Crest Trail
Alasdair Fowler sidetracked.com

1. Pacific Crest Trail

          Pacific Crest Trail is, without a doubt, the best hiking trail in America. The extensive trail that spreads from Manning Provincial Park in Canada to the Mexican border is certainly something worth exploring. If you are not planning on spending a few months on the trail, you can limit your journey from Fog Camp to the South Sister Trailhead at Devils Lake. There are several grocery and general stores on the trail where hikers could restock the food and supplies on their way. The waterfalls, alpine lakes, the spectacular view of the mountains, and the fir forest make will make this hike worth your while.

Appalachian Trail
Photography Joel Carillet

2. Appalachian Trail

         Not only the Appalachian mountain ranges are the oldest hiking trails in the United States, but they also present a striking portrayal of what natural beauty is. You will get to visit the famous Presidential Peaks and the Crawford Path while on your hiking trip. Due to its tourist attraction, many thru-hikers are seen to hike Appalachian Trail in a single season every year. Apart from hiking, this is a great spot for taking stunning photographs of the scenic natural beauty.

Hoh River Trail
Photograph by Underpressurephoto.com

3. Hoh River Trail

            Hoh River Trail provides an excellent opportunity to hike through amazingly lush rainforest. On the way to the base of Mount Olympus, there are many places in the forest where the hikers could camp and stay. The mesmerizing fir tree and moss-covered route and the site of the incredible Blue Glacier at the end of the hike are worth all the effort. However, the hikers might want to take extra precaution due to the presence of wildlife, especially black bears that are attracted to food in the camp.

Mist Trail
Photograph by Aspiringwild.com

4. Mist Trail

             The picturesque view of waterfalls and the bridges in Yosemite make this trail one of its kind. The Mist Trail in the Yosemite National Park is the center of attention of many hikers because of its scenic beauty and the adventures one encounters while being on the trip.

Lost Coast Trail
Photograph by Matt Palmer

5. The Lost Coast Trail

           The Lost Coast Trail is around 40 kilometers long. So, be ready for an adventure that lasts for more than a day. You will get to visit the historic marvel of Punta Gorda Lighthouse and the marvelous beauty of the rocky and sandy beaches. Hikers can also camp on the private beaches on the hiking route. The best thing about this hiking trail is a thousand feet high spot before Usal trailhead where hikers can get an opportunity to spot a whale.

Grinnell Glacier
Photograph by Chelsey Evans

6. Grinnell Glacier

           Grinnell Glacier is the reason why Glacier National Park is considered as a heaven for the hikers. The sight of the Grinnell Glacier, that disappears rapidly, is the ultimate reward of the explorers and makes it worth their long-distance walk. You will get to see the hypnotic views of the fall and the lush green meadows on your way to your destination.

The Inca Trail
Photograph by Courtney Prather

7. The Inca Trail

          You can get to see the natural beauty of mountain ranges and the historical marvels of Inca ruins all at one place. This trail provides a great opportunity to visit the world-renowned Inca runnel and stone stairway.  From the delightful stop-offs and overwhelming landscapes of the trail to the mesmerizing sight of Macchu Picchu, the whole trekking experience will give you long-lasting memories.

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”
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