Twinkle in Trendz

“Wake Up. Stay Stylish. Repeat”

A venture formed by 3 siblings, Twinkle in Trendz is one of those fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs that tasted success pretty quick. Blogger Twinkle, a software engineer by degree and a former sports manager, remembers the initial days of unveiling the idea to her family and seeking the support of them.

Though it was a little difficult for her to convince her sister Rinkle, brother Avishek consumed the idea quite effortlessly. Coming from Electronics Engineering background and having a natural flair for photography, Avishek agreed to back Twinkle since day 1. However, both of the engineers admit that they gradually learnt the business of blogging and their management degree holder sister Rinkle also contributed to reach the goal steadily. When the siblings started the venture, it was fueled by their passion. Twinkle had natural flair for fashion and writing. After the completion of her computer engineering education, Twinkle rebelled the idea of becoming an IT professional and took up sports journalism. She was an avid fan of sports and she wanted to work in sports as she believed a profession must serve the passion. She went on to become sports manager later. While perusing her career as a sports manager, she learnt about the power of social media. So, she decided to use this powerful tool to serve her passion for fashion as an entrepreneur. She decided to quit the job to nurture her brainchild Twinkle in Trendz. However, she admits blogging business was quite different from her previous professions.

Twinkle started posting photos of her on Instagram and Facebook and it was her followers who insisted her to create her own website to offer tips to them. From their 1.5 years of blogging, Twinkle in Trendz has been considered one of the Top 100 Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers worldwide by many websites. Their rapid follower growth on social media attract the notice of many brands. They want to work with Twinkle in Trendz to expose their brand to Twinkle in Trendz’s growing number of followers.

Although a lot of brands approach them, Twinkle has been quite selective to pick assignments as she understands the value of brand Twinkle in Trendz and their loyal followers. Twinkle in Trendz Team is invited to fashion week every season to attend the shows as their front row guests. They are one of the very few fashion bloggers in the world who get the invites to the shows. Twinkle is styled by the elite designers to attend fashion week and she is a common face to shows during the time of fashion month.Twinkle lures her followers quite effortlessly with her breathtaking lifestyle pictures, sizzling swimwear shots and quite unusual street style. She loves to travel and feels herself lucky to be able to travel with her family (turned business partners) for work. Read more from Twinkle In Trendz-